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Lucie Cline and Bailey Brooke were friends who had gathered at Bailey’s home for some chat, when the step brother of Bailey got into the room asking to be helped in studying for his forthcoming anatomy paper. Lucie agree to help him and goes to his room. What Logan needed was her to get naked, and she did exactly that by removing her bra and lifting up the miniskirt she was wearing. With some help from him, she removes her panties, followed up with some stroking of the clit by his hands. Slowly, he inserted some two fingers inside the tight pussy. This makes her feel guilty of doing such things with his friends step brother, something that makes her leave the room and head to the living room.

Seeing this Logan too goes to the living room and comes back to his room accompanied with his stepsister. He too assists her remove her clothes to the feet level so that he could be able to examine her cunt. With her legs open, she realized that Logan’s dick was deep inside her from nowhere. Puzzled, she asks what it is and Logan responds that it is the thumb and not the dick. Beginning to pump, Logan feels he is at the verge of offloading, so he cums on her face, something she loved.

Lucie comes into the room and is directed to take off her clothes so as Logan can be able to observe the difference that exists between the two pussies. First he took out his tongue and made sure it has explored her boobs. After this, what came next was the two giving him a nice blowjob before getting Lucie feel the massive tool inside her.

Bailey’ turn to ride the pussy came and she positioned herself properly. Lucie never sat there to watch but also joined in the saga by licking the pussy. She first placed herself below her friend leaving the mouth the access to the honey pot.

Finally, it comes the time to crown off the anatomy practical by letting Logan lie down and receive a thorough blowjob before he could come on their faces.


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