Reasons, Why Adobe Flash Is Dying A Slow Death?

If you asked someone about the biggest helping-hand, which is used for animation, video and for website’s interactivity, then Adobe Flash is the only name that comes to the mind. Previously, it was the most popular available technology that also has the application in the advertising industry to develop advertisements. The Adobe Flash file supports numerous OS (Operating System). It was also named as the Shockwave Flash. There is no wonder about the popularity of this system. There are so many audio/video apps and games are made by this amazing technique.steve-jobs-1049872_1920

But, today, the technique is dying a slow death. There are numerous reasons behind this. Foremost came the zero day vulnerabilities that permitted hackers to overflow malware onto the Personal Computers of all sizes and shapes, hence forcing Mozilla Firefox to turn Flash off totally and stop the connectivity with older versions. After that, another worse condition was waiting for the Adobe Flash, when YouTube decided not to use flash enable videos. Well, these are the nails in the coffin of Flash although. Just take a look at the other reasons behind Adobe Flash’s slow death:


  • Goodbye from the Steve Jobs and Apple

Apple launched it’s very first iPhone in the back 2007. Apple and Steve Jobs has decided that their devices will not support the Flash connectivity anymore. It didn’t look like a crucial jiffy at that time and backside, then Adobe might have predicted the iPhone being a little less victorious than it at this time is. Unluckily, as the recently declared Q1-74.5 million, iPhone sales demonstrated, the absence of Flash plugin on their iPhone was always going to obstruct it. But, not just like the YouTube that pulls it out.


  • Extensive loading time causes disaster on mobile devices 

The crucial decision by the CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs to drag the Flash away from the mobile devices was not the outcome of unkindness, but was made as they felt that due to extensive loading time, the Adobe Flash is not an ideal technique for the mobile devices. After all this dramatic scenario, Adobe deleted its mobile version of Flash Player for the Android devices and pit the dig for its ultimate full-scale downfall.


  • Flash requires being installed 

Another reason behind its slow death is that it requires being installed. We are in the rapid-paced world and in such case, we don’t have enough time to install the application. This is the reason that why users are using HTML5 instead of Flash. HTML5 does not need any additional installation process.


  • Expensive and time-taking 

Web developers have complained many times that websites using Flash technique take a lot of time. Usually, Adobe Flash is an expensive method and a time-taking tool. In such case, users prefer HTML5 rather than Flash.


So, all these are the main causes of the slow death of the Adobe Flash. There are many factors that decided the downfall of this technique.

Chances are that if you already own a website, or are considering developing a site, or are a web or game developer, then you are aware about Flash and the role that it plays on the web. Although it was originally developed to help in the development of animations, Flash quickly gained prominence among web designers and game developers alike.